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Home and property on Den Rich rd. Stafford will be sold to highest offer or bidder, as-is. Plus a small 2.% buyers premium.

A non-refundable deposit of $5000 will be paid by the buyer(s) on final day of auction, either by cash or certified bank check. A 3.5% buyers agent fee is in place, for licensed brokers only, who complete all final paperwork. All property taxes are paid and up to date. Property show dates and times are firm (see auctionzip). a final payment in full will be paid to owner within 45 days of auction end. Current owners will need 30 days to vacate property after final payment and paperwork is completed.

Please DO-NOT visit home prior to show dates and auction.

All other inquiries call auctioneer at above phone number.

This home and property offer a lot of great opportunities to the highest bidder....Good luck to you all!

P.S. www.auctionzip.com/va.   Auctioneer ID #42350 more info and  pictures.  Home just listed on www.forsalebyowner.com

Below is the auction rules for all items other than Properties/homes/land.


All auction items (lots) live or internet are sold as-is, working or not working, no warranties, no returns. Any item with a description is hear say, unless documentation, appraisal (coa) is provided with item. Some pictured items may not be available on auction day.

Any auction that has a reserve will be stated in or at that auction. Virginia local and state sales tax of 5.5% will be added to all sales, unless a documented tax exempt form is on file or emailed to david@1stchoiceauctions.com

We reserve the right to stop or cancel an auction at any given time, due to internet issues, consignors default, registration count, buyers or lot issues. All buyers are responsible for payments in full.

If a payment is denied, buyer has 12 hrs. from the end of auction to make payment.

If payment from buyer is not received within 12 hrs. after auction close, item will be forfeited back to the auction/consignor. SEE full terms below....

PAYMENT: Accepted forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You must have available balance on your credit card for your online purchases. At the conclusion of the auction your credit card on file will be automatically charged for the entire amount of your purchases. Bidders who have 2 failed attempts to process their charges will have their bidding account suspended and will be required to have a $1000.00 cash deposit held in auction account. Money will be used to pay on lots won up to $1000. Balances less the then $1000 will be credited back to card. 
Internet BIDDING ERRORS: Increasing your own bids.... please be aware that many bidders routinely increase their own bid to price an item out of reach of other bidders. You should immediately review your bids before submitted. If you mistakenly increase your own bid, place your bidder number in the bid field, or make a gross error you must immediately contact our office by email using the contact sheet on our website (we must have your request in writing) you must remain the high bidder. If you bid on the wrong item we will not reverse your bid please make sure and review all bids before submitting. We will not reverse bids after the auction has begun to close no exceptions. 
STAGGERED CLOSING: The online auction closes at multiple items per minute This feature will close the bidding on intervals. This feature works great with the auto-extend feature to closely emulate a 'live' auction. 
DYNAMIC CLOSING: The closing time of an asset is automatically extended an additional 4 minutes whenever a bid is placed within the last 4 minutes of the asset's closing time.